Ooma Announces Wireless Adapter for Low-Cost VoIP Service



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Faxing is still at this time Russian Roulette with OOma and most VOIP services. The FOIP protocol is out there but just has not taken root yet thanks to hard headed corporate and government office policies. They claim catch 22 in that going to FOIP screws POTS based users etc. Until the tech heads make available dual fuel fax reception the consumer end budget faxing machines just do not happen.

Been a while since reading up but the home fax machines meet with moderate success on OOMA and others when the COS, baud rate, compression, and I believe the ability to use European mode are all adjustable by the user. The only fax machine company I have seen mildly addressing this in writing is Brother, and of course their written statement also include disclaimers as to dependability.

I only need to send five or six faxes a year and in many, but not unfortunately all cases, I can convince the entity on the other end to accept an email with PDF attachment created with a Cannon scanner that easily creates a PDF document up to 99 pages. However there are those on the other end that have policies of no email period.

Of course with FOIP the need for fax machines would be further diminished, since the documents could be ported to file structures instead of paper untill signatures, seal impressions, etc would actually be required. Its always amazing to see available technology sit on the roadside and go to waste.



Thank you for the article.  Anything to disassociate with monopolies helps.  Cutting one more monthly expense is a great thing in this economy.

My concern is if there would be reliable faxing capabilities with this VOIP device?  The reason why I still have a landline is because faxing was hit and miss with other VOIP devices which I've used in the past. 




I LOVE my Ooma they are a great VOIP company. 

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