OnLive Goes Wireless with Beta Wi-Fi Support



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I Jedi

I entirely forgot about OnLive there for a while, and when I saw this article, I decided to check out OnLive, and see how it was doing. Well, through a little bit of sniffing around, it became clear to me how horrible OnLive actually is when it comes to price/renting. You see, some of their titles are not available to rent but rather own. I thought the point of OnLive was to be a gaming-renting service for PC users? Honestly, who wants to own a game that you will never lay your hands on, and never mind trusting it to a company that has barely gotten off the ground as it is. Yes, some of you will scream "Steam", and let me remind you that while you may never hold a physical copy of games you own from Steam, you can at least download a copy to your H.D.D. for safe-keeping. In addition, it appears, as I checked in the FAQ and have no other reason to believe, that in order to play purchased games, you must have an active connection to the Internet. In other words, if you purchase a game to own, you have to keep your Internet connection alive, and possibly an active OnLive account, though I doubt the ladder.  

Next, the renting prices are just absurd. I can rent a game from Family Video for five bucks for an entire week's use, but OnLive wants six bucks for just three days, and nine bucks for eight-day passes. I only looked over it briefly, so this may not apply to all their available renting options, but it did apply to more than a few of their top titles. Altogether, OnLive is a gaming service ahead of its time, and started in the middle of a recession. Maybe everything I said above is false, but from what I read/saw, what I have said seems to hold true. Does anyone have an OnLive account to confirm/deny what I said, and for that matter, has anyone even thought about OnLive since it became available?


Peanut Fox

Just wanted to add that you do have to have an OnLive account if you want to play games purchased from OnLive.  If I remember correctly in the event that you suppend payment of the service from 9 or more months, your account is closed.  Any games that you have purchased under that account are then lost, even if you reopen that account.

OnLive isn't a bad idea.  Play games on anything with a controller and a screen.  Depending on the types of games you play OnLive can work out great.  But the pricing and how ownership of games works with this system is a huge turn off to me.

Wish Steam could get a hold of this technology and allow me to play any game in my Steam library on anything with a screen.  I'd be willing to pay an ala' cart or monthly fee for something like that.




You can never trust a good ladder. You think you're stable 9 ft up in the air, supported only by a few long thin pieces of fiber-glass, but then BAM! You're on the ground with a concussion and a broken arm!

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist the whole 'ladder' vs. 'latter' thing.

I agree though. On-live has come out way before its time. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where bandwidth pricing isn't extortionate like it is in Canada, then yeah. Maybe ON-live will be beneficial. But pricing is the name of the game. If service X costs too much to operate service Y, then that company is gonna get nothing from your dollars.

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