OnLive Desktop App Streams Windows Desktop, MS Office to iPad



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Holly Golightly

Ugh, this is useless! If my internet connection goes down for a few minutes, then I lose my "OS" for a few minutes. No thank you. Why would I want to access Windows 7 on the iPad when the OS itself is not optimized for touchscreens? For that, I might as well wait and get a Windows 8 tablet and not rely on an internet connection for dear life. I do not know what the hell these guys were thinking. The worst part is that I have to pay $10 a month to be able to access the OS's full features? Get bent OnLive. I am better off owning my own OS from my own computer without having to pay for monthly premiums.



This could actually make the iPad relevent for once.


ETNPNYS there any existing software to let me stream whatever is happening on my HTPC out to a laptop in the garage? This would be Super Handy for my Super Bowl party. 

(I don't mean RDP to the HTPC - I need both HTPC and laptop to be displaying the same thing at the same time fluidly)



If you have fast enough internet, LogMeIn Pro should work.

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