Online Video vs. TV & Games vs. Movies – New Studies Break Down How Americans Like to Spend Their Free Time



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Those stats are not and can not be correct as AP (in conjunction with Nielson) released a story just a month ago that said somewhere around 30% of the population is now watching all their TV online. I believe some specific caveats and details may have been left out of this article here or it's a complete crock. The AP story itself was about how some of the big networks (dont remember which ones) were holding meetings to see how or if they could begin charging people for online viewing.  The main proposal (though not set in stone) was allowing only folks that pay for regular cable to have free access to online TV through the network or a group of networks. And though I dont think that idea will hold water as far as I know that was the last word on this until they meet again.  You know how they say dont believe everything you read online.....this article is why.


Having an AP license helps.   I dont know about you guys but I'll believe what I read straight off the wire from the most "official" source there is.  Not that the Associated Press is never wrong but I can call B.S. on this articles stats just on face value using common sense.




that is the most blatant lie i have seen  this year. after hooking up internet i haven't felt the need to turn on the tv. it's as if it was in the garbage ever since.



I ditched cable long time ago. recently ended Netflix, the service was getting worse, slow downloads and scratched disks.  The networks, hulu, fancast and others provide most of the shows with reasonable commercials and watching opportunities.

 So to the survey, I suppose I watch zero television, everything is ISP based viewing without a TV service subscription.



My Internet IS on my TV.






I think this survey is skeued I watch about 4 hours a day T.V. and 2 hours a day internet. If we can keep the download caps off the internet then broadcast T.V. And cable better whatch out. On the internet you can watch what you want when you want and you can watch with little or no commercials. Also it is free. Sure you pay your ISP but thats so you can do many things.

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I love how surveys are taken so seriously but actually only represent those people's opinions who were at home at the time of the call (ie: elderly people and stay at home parents) and not the real general public's.

My chart would look somewhat like DbSantos77's chart with the same opinion about TV.

TV sucks and the good stuff usually ends up on the net so...

IMO, HTPC's should be the future.



Pft, my chart would look like this -

TV - Non-existant, nothing worth watching anymore.

Online gaming - 120 HRS/month

Internet Video - 8 Hours/month, going up because of netflix online.

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