Online Tracking Service isn't Thwarted by Deleted Cookies and Other Privacy Measures



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Mighty BOB!

Or you could just block the KISS cookie from ever being set in the first place.  Am I the only one who has their Firefox cookie setting set to 'ask me every time'?


Of course that can't stop any of their server-side tracking that Eoraptor mentioned.



As a web programmer the only way i know they can do this is either using the ip address of the user and storing info in a database or using spyware installed on the users system without them knowing it. Using ip addresses works because even if your ip is dynamic you are assigned a unique one by your provider when your modem connects. You normally will keep the same ip for a period of time. Since many people have high speed always on connections their ip will be the same even if they delete their cookies and they can use it to identify a returning visitor. There would be no way to tell how accurate data like that would be using it to span multiple sites so i hope these companies arent spending too much money on the service. And if they are using spyware well thats just plane wrong.



Not really, it's a lot simpler than that. All they have to do is get one session cookie into your system and stamp you with a UIN just once that fingerprints your browser setup and that you utilize X site with a saved login. (or whatever term they use for the number the KISS service assigns). From then on, they can use any number of methods to track you, including browser fingerprinting, subsequent cookie plants, subsequent logins, behavioral analisys, flash cookies, redundant zombie cookies, and so on. They're probably using a matrix of all of the above to ensure they own your ass on advertising data no matter what countermeassures you utilize.

I am not familiar enough with mac or linux to say how they work, but remember, windows automatically transmits certain data about your rig  with every request, including browser mime type, windows build, IP address, etc. Throw on top of that a mask of whatever plugins or modes you are using, and you've got an almost wholly unique browser finger print assuming you use the same machine all the time, all without the need for a second cookie; since this tracking system is actually "in the cloud" and every service using it is independantly capable of rebuilding your cookie and reinserting it into your machine and synchronizing that data with all other KISS user sites, as either standard or flash or zombie every time it sees that browser fingerprint pop up.

The only way to defeat it would be to build a new virtual machine or sandboxed browser every time you surf, along with JAP or another proxy anonymizer. Even then, humans are creatures of habit, and that's what schemes like this count on, that you'll use the same plugins, browsers, and sites in your sandbox each time.

Truly we have seen the future, and it is big brother.



Chances are that even your "home version" of your isp is selling your entire browsing history - even with your name (and much more) attached. Use internet at work? Then the same applies there as well - add onto that - that your employer might very well be selling you out as well. Going WiFi - then both the company that is giving you the free access and also the isp are both selling your data. Which is why having a WiFi access point can be quite profitable.

Even in the united states of america there is basically no such thing as privacy for adults



the picture is a clip of the movie called "The Shining" but someone has photoshopped cookie monster from sesame street into the picture.



Are there not any ways to bypass this (aside from staying away from those sites)?


Joe The Plummer

Yes disable Javascript. Use Firefox with the NoScript plugin and you'll be fine.



Not been a good Monday morning but that photo got a smile outta me.



I thought the pic was pretty funny too. "Me want cookie!"



I had to read this just because of the picture... that is hilarious, what's it from, specifically?



It's from the shining , just image search , "Cookie monster shining" 

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