Online Shoppers Call Best Buy The Grinch After Retailer Cancels Orders At Last Second



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Unfortunately Best Buy as widespread as they are, is the best place to buy electronics at higher prices.



I have to admit that best buy hasn't been far off prices from Newegg lately.. In fact i'd even go as far as to say Best buy has been cheaper more often lately.  I've also bought from newegg and still do, but when i can go to a local best buy store and purchase a retail 2tb WD hard drive for $100 cheaper than Newegg or a HP Printer for $25.00 cheaper than newegg or tiger direct and thats not factoring shipping costs then i'd have to say my timing is either good or etailers are getting damn expensive.. My bottom line isn't loyalty (however my shopping preferences start with places I prefer to shop) but if a local retailer has a better deal than a etailer then guess who is going to win - the lower price. 

I've built my last 5 computers from either Newegg or Tiger or both.  Over the last year neweggs packing has become a joke and tiger's shipping takes forever to get to me unless i want to pay a small fortune for 2 day service so local has proven at least for me to be at times cheaper and expedient.




It depends what you're shopping for, but I have a hard time believing that the majority of prices are that low. They really try to gouge you with accessories. I bought an HDMI cable from Amazon for $8 and it was on sale at Best Buy the next week for $50 hahaha.



i like to go to best buy and browse, when i see something i like it order it from my phone, though amazon.... from their store


nuff said



I do that exact same thing.  I'm still surprised how best buy survived when other better companies went out of business.


Ironically this year Amazon, or rather one of their third partty sellers, screwed us on our gift to our parents.  (wrong type, missing pieces even though it was supposed to be new)  We were forced to go to best buy, and because instore service still generally sucks, we had to go to the online store.   Guess we lucked out on that last part.


Device Unknown

I guess I am suprised anyone who reads Maximum PC even shops at Best Buy. I have not been in that store in over a year, last time was just to get a new phone through Sprint.



I agree I only go there to buy DVDs or BRs when I want them on first sale day!



I guess that they are learning something... They sent me $100 gift certificate for the order cancellation.



all you have to do is remember the New Egg commercials, enough said. 



Only people who have no idea what they're buying, or doing for that matter, go to BB.  I stop in just to browse but RARELY buy anything.  The last thing I bought was a TV and that's because the price wasn't much different online for the same one.  Oh and I bought Gears 3 because of Baird.  :-)


Anyone remember the PS3 Firmware update "deal" BB had?  Buy a new PS3 and we'll update it for a low price of $30.   Baha!!!



I don't get why people still even bother shopping there. They have good sales on movies sometimes I guess.


iron1mike customer for life.

lower prices

tax free (most states)

free and fast shipping

whats not to like?






I hate how they always offer the newest tech at unbeatable prices and then back it up with the best customer service.

Oh wait....



I figured out a long time ago they were a bunch of ripoffs. My advice is not to buy from them.



I could care less about Christmas. In fact, I could care a lot less, since I care about it an awful lot.



I'm sorry, but isn't false advertising illegal?  Great way to bring in customers this and next holiday season, Best Buy!  Oh, by the way, because of this lovely stunt, I am considering cancelling my rewardzone membership and never shopping there again.



newegg 4 life!



Nope, it's not enough to scare me out of shopping online. But it definitely reinforces my policy of always avoiding Best Buy.



One would think that a retailer/e-tailer as large as Best Buy would have a better inventory management system in place.  Guess not.

To answer your question: if I shop online, I go to New Egg or Tiger Direct, as both companies make customers the central focus of their businesses.  I firmly believe that Best Buy execs see their customers as suckers with little targets super-imposed over their buttholes.  Sorry for the visual.

I refuse to use Best Buy unless it is unavoidable... which is pretty much never. 

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