Online Scammers Using Obama's Site to Spread Trojan



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I knida feel sorry for the guy....he goes and gets himself elected president in a time when noone in their right mind would want the job.  Kinda makes one wonder just how long it'll be till the axe falls....and it IS gonna fall.

Seems to me like the "good old boys" network didn't want one of "their own" in office when the proverbial crap hits the fan.  Way back in my High School days I had to take that test that rates you on various parts of your psyche, in the aid of helping you plan your" future.  I rated 96.9 percentile for intuition....and my intuition is Obama, Duck!  Even though that same intuition knows it's already to late  :/





Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post XP Microsoft operating system :)



No need for me to worry as I have never visited this site and never will.  The GOP will rise again!!



Is this the Hope and Change he was talking about?



funny cause he's so big on network infrastructure. i hope we're not as strong as our weakest link ;-D one more reason his blackberry has to go lol. 


 Ray, RES Computer Services

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