Online Scammers Taking Advantage of Swine Flu Scare



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How is this any different than what any given legit pharmasudical company does on a daily basis in the US?  There are tons of drugs out there that cannot be proven to work as described/advertized, and can have lasting side effects on the people that take them.  They advertize just the same, the only difference being they pay for their advertizing on tv and the like.  Many people I'm sure are duped into buying drugs for illnesses or conditions that could possibly be treated cheaper, and more effectively, than just trying to treat the symptoms.  If there's anything to be worried/alarmed about, it's that our pharmasudical industry is at least as crimminal.

I'm not alone in this belief.  I was actually just talking to a doctor I know personally a couple weeks ago about the issues reguarding drugs and advertizing, and how the studies they do for advertizing are ridden with inaccuracy and completely un-scientific in many cases.  He was telling me how a drug company can actually do hundreds of studies on a drug, and if even one of them comes out showing what they want to show, even if all the others contradict that one study, they are legally allowed to use that data to advertize the drug.  It really is that sick.  I was shocked to learn how bad it really is.



"Online scammers tend to cash in on people's sense of alarm." I think that should read "sense of stupidity." I have no sympathy for people who buy this stuff.



i agree completly.



You really know your stuff... Keep up the good work!

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This may sound mean, but as long as the idiots are getting sent what they ordered I don't see a problem. The problem I see is the 24 hours news channels blown out coverage of the piggy flu!



 Thanks heaps to the author!

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The only people that I personally know that are concerned about Swine Flu watch televised news on a regular basis.

The quest for ratings apparently takes priority over real journalism.  



It's been like that since the early 80s, or so. About when the proliferation of cable news started.

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