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yes newegg has been a superior company, providing excellent service.  as of lately though, i find them nickel and diming me for shipping charges, and even going so far as to split up an order in 2 and charge me for additional shipping.  ive made complaints about this, and people on phone try arguing with me, then you get someone who cares only to say "we'll credit you this time only because our customer service reps are giving you a hard time"....

 how bout cause you've NEVER charged me additional shipping for my 32 orders in the last year....



Agreed. I just ran into this with an order I placed this week. It used to be that if I placed an order with the Egg, I'd get it in three days. Now they take a day to process, and even though they charge me sales tax and ship out of CA, I get tracking info that my package has been shipped out ground and will take 7 days to get. WTF? Its only 200 miles away from me and its going to take 7 days to arrive. Me thinks that this may be a sign of Newegg's cost cutting measures plus the loss of DHL. Both TigerDirect and Zipzoomfly offer 3 day supersaver as their standard shipping method over 7 day ground.



 Huh, both Wal-Mart AND Staples made a 4 percent jump upward... to 77...

no koodos for them?

But Dell and Best Buy (who are both currently in hot water) got honourable metions?  Maybe because both these companies are above 70 and are in trouble with finances are why they got it.......






Good job on Amazon, and Newegg.

 Newegg is the only place where I could sincerely say "I couldn't live without".

 Everything else is awesome, but at this point I wouldn't really need them. 

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