Online Gaming is a Great Way to Meet Women



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I met my boyfriend playing a facebook game. I don't think he was trolling for women though!

This is one game so many girls play:



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she definately has a good grip. maybe too good for some but definately not for me and others. haha



Has anyone noticed the KILLER grip she's got on that joystick?  Haha, I want to meet HER online, lol.


Keith E. Whisman

I've been playing FreeCell for almost 20years on my computers and I've never met a single girl, not once while playing. No girl has ever showed any interest in me while I was playing FreeCell. I had to meet my wife the old fashioned way, I mailed away for her from Russia. 









Not really, my wife and I went to school together 1st grade through 8th grade. We new each other really well when we got married. Just thought it would be funny to post what I did.



 My 84 year old Grandmother-in-law was cursing up a storm when we came throught the door to visit. She was online playing a PopCap bejeweled game against someone online. And she beat her/him, gnarled fingers and all. What is the world coming to? LOL!


Now does anyone here want to "meet women" with my 84 year old Grandma? I can set you up!



"According to comScore, female gamers age 55 and over spend the most time playing games online of any demographic, and other than the 15-24 age bracket, women outpaced men every time.

Casual gaming isn't the only online activity women are drawn towards. Females outpace males in social networking, instant messaging, and emailing."

Translation: Your Aunt May is addicted to Farmville.

The editors at MaxPC must be pretty hard up (both for news and chicks) if they're willing to take this info and translate it into the headline of this article.


MAXPC: Captcha SUCKS!!!! YOU guys need to monitor spam on your site, not me.





"Translation: Your Aunt May is addicted to Farmville"............heh, yeah.

I thought this article was about MMO's, RPG's, FPS, ect. Plus, are we supposed to be surprised? that females surpase males at social networking? seriously? ..............I'm just saying.



Suck it up, buttercup. You guys whined when we autofiltered spam and it caught your posts. When we turned it off, we got lots of spam again. If you have something to add to the conversation, a little Captcha shouldn't stop you. Sorry it's inconvenient, but it's the least inconvenient way we've found.



Captcha is OK, especially in comparison to the mess MPC had before! Just flip through the "challenges" until you recognize the words!



And if you can't recognize the words, what the heck are you doing posting in the $#@%ing FIRST PLACE anyway?

Watch, as I calmly scroll down, see the words "They kllwing", type it and have NO problem.  When in doubt, copy and paste.

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