Online Daters File Loveless Lawsuit Against



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Is this not the risk you take with love? Nothing is guaranteed in life! Even the best dating sites can't ensure you're lovable! It's a failure of the self, first a foremost. If you can't find love then maybe it's time to consider if your standards are too high.



I feel bad for the people who joined Match or other dating services who think they are finding love but then realized that the profiles are no longer active. What kind of a dating site keeps unactive profiles? Especially, when they claim to have millions of members and have a match for each person that joins. Dating has become very complicated, in both the real world and online dating.



I knew was "fishy" years ago. I wanted to see the people on there before paying, so I just created an account (you can't make contact with other profiles until you pay which is ~$40 a month). The instant I created an account, I started receiving a bunch of e-mail notifications: like this person and that person looked at my profile and that they wanted to make contact with me but couldn't because I haven't paid-in.  I knew it was too good to be true because apparently the ladies that were trying to contact me looked like super hot models. And I'm just some 5'6" ok-looking Asian dude whose profile isn't even complete yet.

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