Online Crooks Try to Cash in on Haiti Disaster



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Windows Securit...


Let your Charity Provide REAL TANGIBLE benefits like Software Pirates Provide!

Software Pirates are Donating a Hot copy of Windows XP-SP2 to every person directly affected by this tradgedy!

Only HOT copies of Windows XP allow you to organize relief efforts without requiring activation through Microsoft SpyServers and since the phones and Internet providers directly affected by this tradgedy will not be able to get Legally Store Bought copies of Windows activated in such an emergency, Only Hot Copies of XP will help you now or in 2012 when disaster strikes on a global scale.

For a Hot copy of XP, just ask your neighbor and thank you for helping to avert an activation nightmare!



This is absolutely disgusting...


I Jedi

I have already donated... You can donate by phone by texting the word "Haiti" without quotes to 90999... They'll charge you a one time fee of $10 bucks...



 Same here, I decided to open up a bit more and gave 25, still sad that people try to loot in a crisis though.-___- Human nature fail.


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