One of These Playable Indie Games May be the Next Portal



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Igneous is a great game i personaly tested it and watched it last semester become what it is today. Even though the game is short it is very fun and did i mention RANDOM and beautiful also. The random part is when your going across the bridge in the second level to where flying rocks from behind you hit the path infront of you never gets old since it is random. Oh and expect more great games to come out from digipen.



Dreamside Maroon was very fun, and has a lot of potential. I realize that it was meant to be an 'indie' game and therefore has to be deep and artsy, and while that was fun, I wish there was a little more play to it. For example, there are floating islands that split apart, and expand. Which is cool and all, but it served no purpose. I would have liked there to be a few puzzles, etc. 

 But for a first-off project, it's great. 



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