One Billion Logitech Mice Now in the Wild



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Recently I was very upset when I finally wore through the 10million (L) clicks available on my MX1000 only to find that there was no replacement w/ the same # of buttons.  Then I found the MX revolution.  I am IN LOVE w/ my mouse (yes I asked it to marry me, but I have yet to get a response...) 

It has not 9, not 10, but 11 buttons and a locking freespinning main scrollwheel!  This thing ROCKS for MMO's. 

I play a mage, and I have buttons for strafing L & R; Autorun & follow; Blizzard, Flamestrike, and Minimap; 1 is bound to an action bar slot and another is bound to manashield.

I use all of the buttons and can kick ass w/ just the mouse.  not reaching to cast is a HUGE bonus!  The Action bar button slot that I bound to my mouse is used for quest items that need to be "cast"  like thet daily on isle of Quel' whatever where you have to nuke the burning legion from above.  When I finish that quest, I simply drop the fire oil into that slot, and nuke the sails w/ the click of a button!

 My only requests?  No macro feature, and no DPS feature.  I'd love to have a dps feature on this mouse for TF2!

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I first discovered the classic Logitech C7 3-button mouse when I worked for a computer store in 1986-89. In addition to the standard beige model, Logitech also made a ClearCase version in a clear (what else?) package. I wanted it, but never got one. 

I don't have much use for a serial mouse these days, but I wish Logitech would bring out a 21st century USB or wireless version, maybe with reactive UV parts...


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



For my old gaming rig alone i went through 2 MX510's (buttons wore down on both of them) and am currently using a MX518 which has been working fine for nearly 2 years.

Best damn mouse line ever made (even if they didn't last long).  I'll be buying logitech for the rest of my life if they keep this mouse style alive.

*oh yeah it's the same as the G5 pretty much, just better looking in my opinion, and it never did the stupid only "1 back button and no forward button" thing



I'm also proud owner of G5 and 4 other mice from Logitech.

Keep it up!



for being one of the few companies out there that keeps their products reliable, and keeps the service great.



G9 ftw best mouse iv ever owned!!



Does anyone have the problem with the G7 mouse where it randomly disconnects then it like resets itself?



Awesome article, and it's awesome that logitech has managed to make so many mice in such a short time. 

But.. shouldn't it be 23* years and not 13? If it was 13 they would've sold their billionth mouse a decade ago.  



Crimany, you're right. WTF happened to the 90s!?



Good question.


**consults history book to find the 90s**


**crickets chirp**

**crickets continue chirping**




Ack, I'm sorry for the double post. Slow school connection is slow. 



Logitech mice really are the best mice. I don't we will ever use other mice for our work. Thanks for the good post, mate.


worksferks @




I am a proud owner of the Logitec G5. Keep doing your magic Logitec.



I'm also a proud user of Logitec. All our employees at the company use it and we are satisfied as elefants :)

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