On-demand Music Streaming Services Decrease Sales, Says NPD



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I agree with you online streaming is always decreasing sales. Many of the websites provide online streaming and  Edgar Bronfman Jr. said no more free online streaming now.  But we can't bann music streaming. So is there anyway to out of this problem. The effect of the streaming is shown on my music sale also.




Mighty BOB!

I probably wouldn't cough up for extra features, although I do not know how Spotify works.  I've subscribed to Pandora, but only since they implemented that 40 hours per month limit on free users.

I have to say though, that my own personal experience backs up what the NPD is saying.  I've bought more music that I've heard on Pandora than I have from the numerous music uploads on YouTube that I can stream whenever I want.



I don't know how Spotify works, but services that play music in a genre for you at random can expose you to new bands or singers you might not have heard before, increasing their audience. Logically, that would mean more sales. But of course instead of seeing the 41% increased sales, the labels are going to look at the 13% less as the bottom line. Ridiculous.

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