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Keith E. Whisman

These computers are for helping children in developing poor countries. The USA is in the grips of a full blown depression. In many ways more people are financially effected by the current economy then during the Depression of the '20s. More people have lost more homes that cost astronomically more these days then during the Great Depression. The Government has more tax laws and taxes far more today then during the Depression. The only thing holding the US together these days and making life a little easier then back in the '20s is the multitude of State Social Programs that are available to Americans. What we really need is more organizations investing in the USA and helping American youths. Where are all the organizations that go out of their way to help Americans besides the Red Cross? Hell the US responds quicker to foreign disasters then domestic. More funding is set aside of foreign disaster relief then domestic. In fact there doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency with our government during a domestic disaster like there is with a foreign one. Look we had troops on the ground less then 12hours after the tsunami but it took weeks to respond to the hurricane Katrina in the LA and MS USA. Same day service for everyone else but when there is a national disaster in the Gulf of Mexico with millions of gallons of crude oil spilling onto US beaches and destroying the American Gulf of Mexico fishing industry The President of the United States after a few weeks of nothing happening responds to questions by saying that BP has full responsibility to fix the problem and clean the mess. No urgency in fact the President went on a vacation trip. Met with Mexican President to agree about how terrible the US is. 

Nobody seems to care about American poor and the Struggling lower middle class and the poor that have almost no hope of getting a job to live on. Here in Arizona you have to compete with illegal aliens that work under the table for little pay. Life is hard and it sucks to read stories about American Heroes that go out of their way to help people all around the world except their own people. 

This has been my thoughts on the computer for every child. all the stories seem to forget to tell you that you can forget about your kids getting one of those computers because they aint helping american children. Just kids in foreign countries that for the most part hate Americans. 



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