Old School Neo Geo Console Returns as X Gold Edition, Available in December for $200



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how many games did they come out for this system? I was still playing my C64 very heavily during this time, along with the nintendo and sega gaming consoles. I'm going to pass on this one.



I'm in my 30s, and yes I did play on the NES/SNES/GameBoy/SMS/SG/etc. which I owned at various times, and of course the most expensive gaming console that I owned at the time was a Neo Geo!



For $200 you also get the console and the joystick. No mention if other games are available for this or if your stuck with the 20 pre-installed ones. Then, what do you do with the console and joystick if there are no games available for it? Have to see what else is out there. Never played on the original Neo Geo, although I do kind of remember it. Not sure if it was the price so much back then, or what games were available for it. Without games to support a console why would anyone buy it? Which is why Nintendo is pretty much a household name and Neo Geo can only be recalled by the over 30 crowd, if that.



The handheld IS the console, what appears to be the home console is merely a charging dock that also provides the HDMI output, a replica of the original console to be sure but that is it as far as it's functionality, it is not a console itself nor does it accept original carts. It is all done through emulation on the handheld.

Your basically getting a handheld that emulates the NeoGeo but officially licensed with the look of the original and a nice Joystick, great for NeoGeo fanatics and collectors I suppose. For me I already have several handhelds that already emulate NeoGeo along with a dozen other platforms and TV output so this is for serious fans only.


Peanut Fox

Neo Geo wasn't old. It released in 1990. Back then the Neo Geo was a 600+ dollar box with perfect arcade ports of games. Games were about 150 to 250 bucks each. From what I see you can add or change out the cart of 20 games to play titles later on. It's possible they may come out with a new release title, but I'm willing to bet we'll only get old ports out of it. 200 dollars is a lot to ask for a bunch of dated games. Not to mention a number of them are available on Steam, PSN, and XBLA as stand alone titles. Plenty were also re released on the Xbox, Gamecube, PS2, and a few handhelds.



If I remember correctly, you can also get quite a few Neo Geo games on the Wii through its Virtual Console.



Unfortunately the types of games available for the thing just didn't appeal to me...



The Neo Geo was pretty cool, but expensive, at the time. I've no memories of playing on one.

Most friends had a Nintendo or Sega.

I had a Turbo Duo by NEC. Man, some great games on that platform, but it was hard to find games then. Everyone went for the cheaper, lower power Nintendo and Sega systems.

I saw the other day that Ys is still around and now on the PC. I remember playing that for hours on my Turbo Duo.



I'm guessing that the "console" is a dock for the handheld (dock it in the cart slot?), and the HDMI port and controller connections are done there. That tells me that this is all emulation performed on the embedded hardware of the portable.

If that's the case, a compilation disc for current consoles would make more sense. Unless the "console" actually accepts carts and has accurate hardware...



There is no "console". It's just there in the picture for reference. This will strictly be a handheld.


Peanut Fox

The charging station is a dock for the device that has an HDMI out to hook up to your TV. You can then hook up a fighting stick (included maybe) and play the games that way.



What a waste of money... It loses almost all nostalgia.

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