OK Go Apologizes for Video Embedding Issue, Defends YouTube, EMI



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And these so called labels they yip and yap about how pirates are making off with their hard earned booty and leaving the artists high and dry in the poorhouse? Guess who the REAL pirates are, thats right Record Lables and Lawsharks and RIAA , DRM etc... Those GREEDY mofo's need to step 0ff! My message to those Greedy-Mofo's is "Get eXtinct" we don't need or want you. Message to the Artists worldwide, kick the greedy-mofo's where it hurts, ditch them; find another viral road to stardom its not like you're 'tarded or special ed. Use your chutzpah and soar on your intelligence and merits teh interwebs can be Ur friend or it can be Ur antagonist, you choose. Fleecing your fan's is NOT an option.



Ewww! Big evil labels!! They forced me to sign the contract and made me famous! What to do!!



Their new video based on the new album they released afew days ago, rocks btw.




Hah hah, the labels. They are extinct and don't yet know it. This kind of thing strengthens the indies, who can do what they want, when they want, with their own creation instead of having some dinosaur con artist telling them, and taking the majority of the profit from their hard work to boot.

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