Oh Snap! Comodo Challenges Symantec to a Geek Fight



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Comodo's free security suite tells Symantec's paid suite to..."Be seen but not heard. Now go play." Symantec's foot thoroughly embedded in mouth



i wish they would review the free edition of comodo since the recent "major" updates.  it is much improved... and i'd like to know how it handles spyware and all of that vs. everything else at this point.



i think for free AV everyone should try AVAST, for paid service ESET is the best.



After deleting my comments you still forgot to correct "independant" and "Comparativies". 



As a geek I'm interested in speed and performance. Price plays a minor part, too. It isn't that much of a concern since any geek worth their salt can find even the paid apps for free - legitimately, after rebate. I haven't had to pay for security software for years.

The thing I want to know is, who has your back should you get infected and need a bit of assistance to help pull you out of trouble? I'd like to see this in the next security roundup.

*edit: what's up with the HTML tags not working?



"if you are only relying on free antivirus" to keep your PC safe, then "you are not getting the protection you need to be able to stay clean and have a reasonable chance of avoiding identify theft."

That has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. If you're going to lie, then why not say something like this:"You must buy our product or you will die."
I think that would be more effective. Or...now that I think of it, that would be less of a lie because everyone's going to die at some point in there life anyway. Hmm.




Comodo will beat Norton or Mcafee down, its the best on the market right now but personally I use MSE because its lighter on resourse usage, I like its interface better, and it also is better than Norton or Mcafee. 



I wouldn't trust Norton or Comodo at this point. I am running NIS 2010 from a free sub i got at my last job; however it will be expiring soon and is not nearly as good of a product as when Norton first made a comeback (2009-2010). 2010 has gotten progressively worse with updates, and although it still sports the same lightweight engine that pulled them out of the fire (literally a %90 performance improvement over 2008 and earlier), the detection rates are going downhill again and i am sick of false positives.

Time to switch back to ESET



Symantec sucks, I've always despised Norton AV.  I wouldn't piss on Norton AV software to put a fire out.



But back when Symantec Anti-virus was out that was far better. As a matter of fact, I work with machines that have viruses on them and I've seen more Norton Products with viruses on them as opposed to Symantec. Symantec Endpoint being quite good actually.



i've been using microsoft free antivirus and had no infection since.



norton/mcafee haven't detected viruses since.... well, never...



"...if you are only relying on free antivirus" to keep your PC safe, then "you are not getting the protection you need to be able to stay clean and have a reasonable chance of avoiding identify theft."

Biggest load of crap I ever heard. Why do you think they provide us with tips to help avoid identity theft? Because you don't need fancy security software to prevent your identity from being stolen. I've been using "Free Anti-virus" for years, and I haven't had any problems whatsoever. I can see why Comodo issued the challenge they did, and for once I do hope Comodo comes out on top. I've been also using their firewall for a couple years so they're alright folks.

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