Oh Happy Day, Boxee Announces New Box with Hulu Support!



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Hulu ain't that great.



Hulu Plus != Hulu. One is $10 a month and the other is awesome. The majority of Hulu's appeal is that it doesn't cost me anything. I'd sooner queue up a few extra programs on my DVR than pay for Hulu.



I've been waiting for this to come out for a while now! I'm excited to try it! I hope it can stream my whole movie collection which are saved in VIDEO_TS folders.



The hardware Boxee pictured above is possibly the ugliest electronic device I've seen in quite some time. The only reason anyone would ever design something so absurd would be to prevent items from being stacked on top of it. It's a good thing for them you can get the software for free and put it on a PC build of your choosing.

Are the major networks playing ball with Boxee or are they also freezing out another way to consume their media by snubbing Boxee? I can't verify quickly what networks TV shows are avaiable in the tagline or detail on the Boxee site. I imagine that anything I'd want to see on Comedy Central, Fox, CBS, NBC would all be unavialble, just like Google TV.

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