Oh Brother: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Delayed on PC



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Well, I bought the second game because I want to support them making another, but because my internet is shotty I quickly put my CD on the shelf and got a pirate server program. The only reason I will be buying this game is because it takes too long for good pirated versions to come out and for the next 6 months I have a 81MBit internet connection :). Hopefully there will be a pirate version by then.



Personally, I couldn't care less. I have no intention of ever playing this game, or any other game from UBI that uses this moronic DRM scheme. I did enjoy the first one, and was looking forward to this one, but then the news broke about the stupidity locked therein.

Hell, I won't be able to muster up enough "give a shit" to even pirate the thing. I guess they partially attained their goals. I won't be pirating their games, but they also shot themselves in the foot because I definitely won't be buying them either.



I just recently bought AC2 off the shelf and i'm very disappointed. I'm not happy specially with my poor internet connection. Whatever happened to those times i buy a game offshelf and never have to worry about my connection, just play it from start to finish. I like good games like this with good stories but this DRM is terribly annoying and is ruining my gaming experience.

If i wanted to bother with my internet access i would have played an MMORPG instead.



What is the point of the DRM anyway? Last time I checked I could go on TPB and grab a copy of AC2 and play it all the way though if I wanted to.



I have not purchased a single Ubisoft product since they started this ridiculous DRM. Not for PC and not for consol either. They will not get a penny of mine unless they change their policies. Don’t drink the cool aide!!!



I, too, shall not be purchasing this product. It could be the best game since sliced bread, but because of Ubisoft's DRM, it won't be played on my computer.



Well, if AS3 is the same as AS2 regarding the constant internet connection, I won't be purchasing that title either.

My hard drive sits in my computer with only Assassin's Creed 1 on it. Until the draconian DRM is removed via an official patch, I refuse to buy the game regardless of the price. 

And if AS3 comes with the same DRM, rather than using say Steam's DRM, then forget it. I won't purchase it and it will never find a home on my hard drive.




I figure I'll end up buying it for the PS3 as I have for ACI & ACII. Not a big fan of the DRM.

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