Official Windows 7 Launch Date: October 22



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Personally I think that the differences between Vista sp2 and Windows Seven are small.



I will still be using Vista! (I'm not hating on Windows Seven....I'm just saying why move on with something because its newer and what you have now works fine and is still in support for 2 and a half years)... Due to already having a computer that came preinstalled with vista (which I had downgraded to Windows xp untill Vista came out with sp2 then wiped out xp and installed Vista back) Vista  having two and a half year's under it's belt its much improved (with two service packs its been around for a while) Windows Seven when it is relased will be new and have no service packs, I don't care what people say every os Microsoft has made has had bugs and faults untill it get's aleast a service pack... also on that note there won't be much sofware and games and hardware out for Windows Seven because of it being so new, Wait for aleast a year or so before going with a os... It will save you some headaches.If Vista is working for you there's no reason to go with something just because it's newer... I'll wait till Vista ends support in 2012 before going with Windows Seven by then Windows Seven will have two year's under its belt. (gets better with age)



Nunc est bibendum!


Great, now all I have to do is hope this four-year-old POS Gateway laptop can stay in one piece until then. I bought it at the worst possible time - just before dual core CPU's were released (It's rocking an Athlon 64 4000+), before DDR2 became the norm (I've got a whopping 1.5GB of DDR1), before SATA became common in laptops (it has an 80GB ATA), before 802.11.g was common (it has 802.11.b), and just before Vista (it had XP Media Center), so even though it was brand new it was already a generation behind in both hardware and OS.

It will be my last Gateway. It has not aged well. The fact that it was a generation behind when new notwithstanding, it just is not built very well. The battery lasts for about 30 minutes now, the CD part of the CD/DVD drive doesn't work anymore (it reads DVD's but not CD's, the CD laser is bad), the cold-cathode backlighting is flickering, and the hinges have both broken (it is actually the hinges that started me on this anti-Gateway rant today - I just this morning welded up the right hinge after it broke yesterday, so it matches the welded up left hinge that broke  a few months ago). Gateway's shoddy customer support for their shoddy product didn't help, either. That "won't read CD's" problem happened 366 days after I bought it. Exactly one day after the warranty expired. Their customer support wouldn't even talk to me - they'd ask my serial, I'd give it to them, they'd say "Oh, your warranty has expired. Goodbye" and hang up.

Yeah, I know, this has little to do with the article, but it does have one thing, which I started my rant out with: I need a new laptop, but now I've gotta wait, and hope this POS holds together until October... 



If Windows 7 will be as good as this RC1 it will sure be my next OS. I've been using RC1 64bit since it was release as my main OS and have no desire switching back to XP. Everything and I mean every single thing is working great on it. The GUI performance compare to Vista's is like day and night, it's so smooth, no delay.

 Just recently I tried give one last chance for a Adaptec's SCSI card (I couldn't make it work on any motherboards with nVidia chipset, OS just freezes after installing driver, tried it on few linux distros and XP) So, W7 found new hardware (btw, I must mentioned, that I put computer to sleep rather then shut it down and in W7 "sleep" process takes as long as simple "stand by" in XP, aka 5 secons, but you can unplug your computer and not loose anything). So, I forgot that W7 went to sleep, I unplugged the power, plugged in SCSI card, turned on computer, after W7 resumed with no problem previous session it found new hardware, found needed driver (didn't ask any questions) and without any reboots SCSI drives we ready to go.

Another shocking surprise for me was  when I was messing around with different ram disk programs (actually turned out it was hard to find a ram disk program for 64bit W7), so I'm sure it's because of these programs I got a notification balloon next to clock stated that nvidia display driver crashed and was successfully recovered. It was right after 1 second black screen flash. It's not that display driver crashed surprised me the most, it's that W7 recovered it without any BSOD, loosing it's functionality or even without turning off aero and such.

I love W7.



Vista can recover from driver crashes too.... I've crashed my display driver several times messing with stuff, and never had a BSOD because of it.  :P

On the topic of W7, I will say I'm quite impressed so far,  and I'm seriously considering the switch. As others have said, anything that works on Vista seems to work on W7 RC, and the GUI, while taking a bit to get used to, seems very nice. All-in-all, I think Microsoft should actually be able to pull this off without the same kind of troubles Vista had at launch....  *Shudders at the memories*



I had downloaed steam on my window7 RC 64 bit and all my games company of heroes and war hammer work too well. I don't think anymore games should run into any problems.



Yay! The long wait is finally about to end, though there is still four more months. I can't wait!



I would like to hope that as vista is ageing they will at least fix the very poor fuctioning internal search feature so if you are looking for UAC, add printer etc that it would actually work, cuz it works pretty well in Windows 7. My guess is that it will not get fixed because that is something I really like in Win 7 that works that doesn't work well in Vista, and that would remove some incentive to purchase Win 7.....Oh that's Windows ME.....ripoff....then reward later, but collect both times.....Nevertheless, the big guys get it wrong sometimes, and I have to say that Microsoft is getting it right with Windows7. It is lean, clean and mean. They know where they went wrong with Vista and put great effort intogetting it right with 7.

For the most part, I have had few driver issues running win7x64 with my new and older hardware, and from my experience so far, Win 7 will be my divorce from the 32 bit OS to go with 64. This is a great opportunity for Microsoft and all Software vendors to get on the 64 bit train, and while not forgetting the 32x base push their marketing into the x64 arena.



Oh crap. I just bought a new acer aspire 8930 with windows vista home premium x64 on it. Hopefully microsoft will let me upgrade for free or at a discount.

Thank god for the OSx86 project and x86-64



"Getting back to the retail version, Microsoft confirmed it will offer a
"technology guarantee," which will give those who buy a Vista-based
machined "near" the launch date a free or discounted version of Windows
7. Microsoft was short on details, but did say that pricing will be up
to the OEMs to decide, and that the upgrade program will apply to Vista
Home Premium and up."

This might happen if you buy your computer in say October with Vista. I think you are SOL. IMHO

Linux Mint,Dual boot/Vista,AMD Athlon+ x2 5600,3 Gig ram,500 Gig HDD,ATI 1300 Video.



Here's the problem, I bought it on May 17th, not October



My new PC, with Vista Home Prem.x64 on it, is due to arrive on Friday, and I've been concerned that I'll get the thing only to have Win7 take over the market a few months later. I hope the discount is reasonable and the access is fair. I'm willing to shell out a little extra for Win7 if it's worth it, but I'm also concerned about being forced to pay twice for an OS in just a few months if I want to upgrade.

Also concerning (and forgive me, I'm still learning, not sure if this is a valid concern or not) is that I'm a gamer and as of right now I have no idea if any (or if so, which) of the PC games currently available will run on Win7.  That would be one thing that would make me pause before making the leap from Vista to Win7.  I hope between MS and you guys, we'll have a good answer on that soon (or if you've already covered it and I missed it, a link would be great).

 In today's economy, software can be every bit as much a real investment as hardware.  I'd suspect there are a lot like me out there who are concerned that an upgrade to Win7 might cost us much more than simply the cost of a new OS, even a discounted one.



7 is a refinment of the Vista architecture so if it runs in Vita it should run in 7. More then that their is Compatability mode (from Vista) and the Virtual XP (new in 7)



Yep, what he said. :)  I'd be very surprised if there were any problems if it worked in Vista.  On the other hand, if it doesn't work in Vista, I wouldn't be surprised if there are problems in Win7. :)



Very good date before 2010. Hope good luck with this new OS.

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