Official Stats Released for MSI GT627 Gaming Laptop



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Keith E. Whisman

The Graphics chip only has 64 stream processors. When is the GTX285M coming out? Why is laptop graphics a full generation and a half behind desktop parts and why are they the slowest crap I wouldn't put in my mom's computer? I wouldn't be bragging about that graphics part. That's like bragging about the 4cylinder engine in your Hugo. Like bragging about the 3Cyl engine in the utter piece of crap Geo Metro. That's about 5Cylinders short and the 9800M is 152 Steam processors short of being a good graphics chip like the GTX260 216.

I know there are going to be people disagreeing with my opinion and I'll head you off first by pointing out that this is a gaming notebook and therefor not meant to be moved around alot. The fact that it's mobile is a plus.  



looks nice, specially cramming up the keyboard with a num pad. 

...but they could have swap the DDR2 to a much powerful DDR3...

A benchmark would be nice, specially on the notebooks fans...on a 15" gaming notebook..a 9800M GS is way too hot...




They could have, but DDR3 isn't seeing widespread adoption on notebooks just yet. DDR2 makes more economical sense right now.

As for the 9800M GS, it's intended for desktop-replacement use, as is the CPU overclocking feature, so heat is practically a non-issue. And on battery power, the GPU will clock down to low-power mode.

The only thing wrong with this notebook is that Asus already has many 15.4" gaming notebooks on sale, and you can find them on Newegg with ease.



another thing is its a core 2 duo chip not Core i7. Does Core 2 Duo even support DDR3?



Yes, it does support DDR3. I'm rocking 4GB DDR3 in my Gateway P-7811FX, although there's really not any advantage at 1066MHz.

As to mobile Core i7 CPUs, those aren't expected until later this year. 



and really ddr3 is really bes for core i7, and until those hit laptops ddr2 is fine



Considering how fast a notebook gets its value lowered each time a new one comes out, its always better to get ahead on whats the best configuration it can offer...

DDr3 will be the norm when an i7 comes and thats not from now, I always consider 1 to 2 years of hardwares worth when it comes to notebooks, coz they get quickly out-dated. From Cpu to GPU they always have a new model every 3 mons.

If your a gamer, you would know how hot even on a 17" notebook a 9800m GS or Gtx would be when you play a Graphics demanding Crysis..Far Cry 2..etc..for a 15" running a 9800m i say its gonna be really hot. Thats why most 15" have 9600m GT as a gaming notebook.

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