Official Google Drive Offers 5GB of Free Storage, Launches Next Week



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I already pay Google 5 bucks a year for 20GB. Wonder if that will change....



Ive been using their cloud storage for awhile now to archive family photos and videos. I just need the g-drive to add the ability to sync a local folder or do incremental syncing. They definitely have the best pricing on cloud storage already.

I use google mail, voice, and docs right now. If they would include rdp over http(s) functionality like Windows Live Mesh, I would totally drink the kool-aid and be all in with google services.



I wonder how this will be integrated with Google's other service such as their cloud music storage and google docs and those are already pretty much cloud storage services. Whether they will have a dedicated desktop/mobile app will also be interesting.



If they don't give more than SkyDrive from the get go, I don't see a lot of people using it, they need to give either 30GB or double the amount MS gives with SkyDrive....



Depends to on how easy the access to the files is. Dropbox is just dead simple. Windows sky drive, although I have not used it in awhile, is/was a pain to get your files to and from, and although 25G of space is offered the inconvenience compared to dropbox made it unusable. If Google offers seamless integration within windows ala dropbox, I would for sure use it.



Google's thirst for logistics to parse seems to be unstoppable. Whatever system could be used to simultaneously read and store all that harvested data would surely be an impressive sight.



and another free 25 GB is available on ms skydrive.



Does this, in essence, increase the size of Google Docs storage (while, I presume, adding some more ways to access the data)? If this is in addition to, this could grow really confusing really quickly, as there will be two locations to store office documents within Google (three if you count Gmail).

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