Office 365 Launches on June 28th, And Why It Matters



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I think it's a little too late for MS to be joining the party on SaaS productivity software.

For one, Open Office is free...

Second, Google Docs - while it hasn't cannibalized large market segments - is pretty darn easy to use and it's free.

To me, Office 365 is just a product offering that competes with big brother Office 2010.  MS has the ENTIRE BPOS industry covered.  They have no real 'competitors' (at least ones that have stolen significant market share) and they practically own the market.

I guess what they're looking for is a way to nickel-and-dime the little guy.  This is just another way of saying "Hey, now we can force you to upgrade to the latest crap we push out!" and it'll cost anyone about $50/month/user.

I'll stick to my Mac with iWorks, it gets the job done.



I'm still using Office 2003 and love it . Didn't see reason go for 2007, 2010 and i'm gonna skip 365 as well.



You're going to need to move on sooner or later. Support for the older versions of Office will stop, and soon the new format will take hold as the default. You'll have difficulty opening documents created in the new version, or even not being able to open them at all. And some companies, if you're applying for an IT job, if you don't submit your resume in the exact format that they request, you get passed over.




Open/Libre/Star Office may be a really great solution, but honestly I don't know any businesses of any size that deploy them, or know of their existance for that matter.

Matter of fact as seen in when the German govt. tried to go all open source, it didn't work. The big reason, was people were just too enbedded within the Windows/Office way of doing things. The money saved by the software was negated by training for the users.

You can argue that Microsoft's new fangled interfaces are hard to use, and confusing, but Microsoft makes it easy to learn how, and where things are. Unlike FOSS which relies too much on user forums, and wiki's.

That being said, I do use Open Office, and I do recommend it to friends and family.




Even though I can't stand MS and they're probably not smart enough to figure this out. Microsoft might actually make more money to just include it in their OS for a nominal fee of an extra $50.00. They will eventually realize (once they lose market share on office suites) that their office products are being given away for free by other developers with better solutions. Since when have they really done anything that new or interesting with their product.



Services, You mean cloud services. Screw that. I want my data and my apps LOCAL. I AM NOT EVER GOING TO RENT WINDOWS OR OFFICE!.

I swear I'll go Mac first, But probably Linux.

Microsoft can go blank itself.



Yeah.  OpenOffice (or Libre Office as it's called now) is an awsome product that has all the core functionality of Microsoft Office and has a stable document format for the last umpteen versions and the interface doesn't change radically every release.  I own a copy of MS Office, and I still use Libre Office whenever I need to worry about compatibility.  not everyone can afford to buy a copy of MS just to edit a document and send it back, and not everyone has the newest version all the time.  With Libre office, that's never an issue.  also, it works when my cloud is down, too.



Or y'know they could just use openoffice...

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