Office 14 Won’t Launch Until 2010 – But Will It Delay Windows 7?



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I have various machines with Office 97, XP and 2003. I don't even need anything beyond '97. Operating systems have been a different story for me; Vista has actually been good for me in my HTPC, and showing a couple more smoke particles in games. Win XP was a complete killer of Win95, Win98, and WinME. If Win7 can knock off XP and Vista, more power to them.

Look behind you! A THREE-headed monkey!!!!!!!!



What with netbooks (and their competitive price in these 'interesting' times) outstripping sales of both traditional notebooks and desktops, every daily - let alone monthly - delay in the release of Win7 further ingrains in the public the use of XP.

Microsoft (and with the help of some poorly realized Linux distros) have increased their market share in netbook OSs, but if users are happy enough with a familiar and (mostly) stable OS in XP, there is little incentive to wait for Win7 to show up a year from now (exactly how many million netbooks is that?) - or go thru an upgrade path from XP to Win7 - reportedly not going to be an easy thing.

Meanwhile, OS users already on Vista are looking to Win7 to fix a multitude of woes - and if Win7 is delayed to 'highlight' Office 14, then there is the real danger to Microsoft that those thoroughly fed up might look elsewhere (if they haven't already) for their OS - and Office Suite. 

Win7 will not be the panacea will be all hope for (and, if history is anything to go by, it'll be Win7 SP1 that will actually be the OS that is workable), but the longer the delay Microsoft creates, the more difficult it will be to wean users off XP and other OSs. 



Never underestimate Microsoft's ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory...



I used Office for many years, on the Mac and PC.  On the Mac there are still dozens of glitches and flaws, none of them ever been fixed for ten years now.  The program will not hold the preferences, they have to be reset from time to time, I cannot insert a jpg image, only able to paste it in a document, the program makes decisions on its own and does things nobody asked, the tool palette keeps curling up and down for absolutely no reason.  The whole experience is typical Microsoft stupidity.  They want to play God and design software with a mind of its own, which is not what any user wants.  We want the program only do what we tell them and no more.  Thank you Microsoft, after years of frustration, now I use, Pages and Coffee.  No trouble, all of them saves in .doc or .xml, so who cares about Office 14 or even Windows 7.  Just because they screwed up Vista, now we should say thank you, after 8 years it may work, after they stolen and added a few ideas from Apple. I think, that anyone who signs up to work for Microsoft must obey their main rules; Intuition does not exist, steel innovation wherever you can find it, deadlines only exist at other companies.



Sounds to me that you have more of a training issue than Office having issues.



Office XP was released May 31 2001. I purchased my first custom built pc that summer and it came with Office XP and Windows 98. I'll never forget the confusion of that stupid name (Its called Office XP but it contains Word 2002 etc...)


Keith E. Whisman

Just a little typo...


Windows XP was released on October 25 2001 and Office XP went Gold on March 5, 2002. I remember playing with the betas and buying XP in October. 



Beat me to it, I still remember the day it was released, sad that I remember that going on 8 years after. Also, the Xbox was released November 15, 2001 and Xbox Live started on November 15,2002. I didn't have to look any of those up :(


Keith E. Whisman

Yeah neither did I, I just used google to tell me the release dates... Ok I guess I did have to look up my dates..

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