OEMs Consider Switching to Windows 8 Tablets to Avoid Price War with Kindle Fire



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HP will invest more heavily in Windows 8 tablets. You must be kidding! HP!


OEMs will try to target business users. LOL!


Gordon your next rant .... "Windows 8 DOA!"





I can see the logic:

So instead of trying to bring the price down to match the Kindle, they'll keep the same price but offer more features

If Nvida delivers with their tegra2, and the tablets has enough oomph to play older pc games, has mouse and gamepad support, plus HDMI output with the ability to run windows productivity software, then I can see being competitive with the ipad3 and Kindle Fire. Not in price, but in features and useability.



Viewing what Tablets HP and Dell have released seems like both companies like sticking with turds



I completely fail to see the direction this story is heading in... I don't think either Dell or HP has shown any commitment to the Android OS, Dell released only the Streak devices and HP had its WebOS.

I think its safe to say that HP and Dell are making most of their money currently selling Windows loaded computers. If Windows 8 takes a step towards tablets, they would be wise to consider doing so themselves.



I have to agree, Dell and HP have always been in the Windows camp. To say that they are looking elsewhere would be a true story, this is just repeating what is already known.



I'm not following the logic here.

Are they switching b/c Windows is cheaper than Android (doubtful) and that will allow them to remain competitive?

Or, are they switching b/c they think people will pay more for a Windows tablet?

If it's the latter, they got another thing coming. People will pay more for an iPad, not a tablet.

I really don't understand, what's so hard for these OEMs to understand this?



The article makes it pretty clear they will be targeting enterprise users, not the general public, who are unlikely to invest in Windows tablets and will favor the less expensive Android variety.



It seems to me that they don't want to sell their product for the lowest possible price (with Android), they want to sell their product for as much as they can (with Win 8). Because Windows tablets aren't in a price war with anybody.


Little do they know, only 6 people are going to buy a Windows tablet.


Moon Unit

Because it would just AWFUL to have a tablet that runs MILLIONS of apps, including apps that you probably already own. It would be much better to buy all new watered down apps that only run on an iPod.

Sheesh. Even MaximumPC has stopped with the bashing of Windows tablets. I guess there's always a few fanboys that believe the Apple marketing propaganda.  http://www.maximumpc.com/article/news/forget_ipad_what_people_really_want_windows_tablet


Peanut Fox

That's all well and good, but these tablets will likely be using an ARM processor.  So programs that are set to work for x86 won't run on these devices.  At least not without a lot of coding overhead. 



If Microsoft doesn't work out a way to run x86 apps on ARM, then the ARM Windows 8 tablets will be DOA. 

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