OCZ's Vertex 450 Solid State Drive Family Runs Barefoot



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I'm kind of irked that they still produce the Vertex 3 but have essentially abandoned the Vertex 4. It came on the market and it got rave reviews. So I bought one. Before I could get a second to play with modern SSD RAID, they seemed to have disappeared from the market.

So now I'll never have Vertex 4 RAID 0 :(

I've learned my lessons for SSDs: never buy discounted models (Nova II), never buy Corsair (Nova II) and if buying OCZ, buy at least 2 initially or they might disappear before you can get more.

I like that OCZ is finally offering drive cloning software with their SSDs. A welcome addition.


John Pombrio

Another peeve is that the OCZ Vertex 3, a very decent drive but is now way overpriced compared to the latest SSDs. In fact it is $20 MORE on Amazon than what I paid for it a year ago!



What happened to the other 446 Vertices? :P

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