OCZ's Talos 2 Enterprise SAS 6Gbps SSD Series is Wicked Fast, Probably Crazy Expensive



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Hopefully this drive and others like it will help drive supply and demand to the point where SSD's prices come down to traditional platter HD pricing or closer to it anyway. I see a day where mechanical HD's go the way of the DoDo floppy.



While I don't think HDDs will go away for quite a while still, I certainly think SSD's will start making their way into mainstream pc's.  Especially with the ridiculous prices on HDDs due to the flooding, all it would take is some decent capacity (~200gb) value-oriented SSD's to make a serious dent on the HDD market.  For what most of the web browsing general public does, 200gb would be plenty and could possibly be cheaper than a hard drive a year from now.  Just a thought.

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