OCZ's Everest Controllers Are Actually Marvell Hardware With Indilinx Firmware



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Brad Chacos, you covered SOPA up and down, but haven't heard a peep from you on CISPA:


Would like to know if you or anyone else at MaxPC is considering covering this important issue.



I gotta say I don't much care what its made of so long as it does what its supposed to do.

If it does that then it could be made of sunchine, lollipops, and magical glitter dust.

"The computer of tomorrow will be powered by hopes and dreams."



Thank god, but i dont have to worry lol i have a samsung 830 which is amazing. Marvell sucks!



what are you talking about? samsungs controller has the worst performance of all. Its random 4k performance is abysmal. BTW thats the most important metric when measuring real world performance. This plays out with Vantage testing where the 830 performs well below SandForce and Marvell controlled drives. Look at the numbers at TweakTown or Real World Labs where they get the full performance from a drive and you will see who sucks.


Peanut Fox

It's my guess OCZ wanted to have something in the channel in line for the release of Ivy Bridge and the Everest 2 solution was what they could get together quickly while maintaining performance and cost.

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