OCZ Willing to Ditch Budget SSDs in Turnaround Effort



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It's a shame one of the best is having such troubles. I don't own an SSD from anyone, but if I could buy one, I'd hopefully get it from them.



On the plus side, this means that there won't be as much potential for confusion in the future over performance level from OCZ consumers. On the downside, it means that I won't be able to get OCZ's latest-and-greatest at less than $1/GB, as I did with the Vertex 4.



I'm truly sad to hear this - I had become quite a loyal fan to the Agility series.

I understand they may not have made much on the lower end, but I purchased 2x250GB ($400), 3x128GB ($300) Agility 3 series. At 10% profit, that's $70 more they received from me than any other manufacturer. Too sad.



If I were one of the three firms listed, I'd be taking a hard look at buying OCZ at the moment. Their Indilinx division produces good controllers and they have brand recognition. Someone like Samsung or Micron (who don't have the same brand recognition in the SSD space) could put them to good use for new product lines, especially builing solid NAND in-house.



I have to disagree, OCZ seems to have caught flak previously and while I enjoyed my Agility 2 and Agility 3, OCZ's overall reputation is not without tarnish.

Samsung has a better looking track record and strong product lines with the 840 standard and Pro. Intel does what Intel does best; build solid hardware but charge a little too much for budget conscious users (hence my Agility drives :p).



Who else is competing in the budget ssd market? Agility and Octane or w/e drives are the cheapest I've seen.




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