OCZ Touts 3GB SO-DIMM Notebook Memory



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Nice report, Paul... Maybe we should just expect everything in trios from now on.  Heh.

To be serious, though, I think this is a great idea.  I can't believe no one thought to do it before...  It also makes me wonder if perhaps they will do 3GB in 2x 1.5GB module form.  I know that seems a bit silly if you can do it with one channel, but since 64-bit OS's aren't really taking to the market that strongly, we might be stuck with the somewhere-roundabout-3GB directly addressable memory cap for a while. 1.5GB modules could actually make things a lot better for us and OEM's.  Let's say I'm looking at notebook with two SO-DIMM slots (pretty common).  As of now, I'm stuck with 1GB, 2GB, or wasting somewhere around 1GB if I get 4GB.  1.5GB modules could allow OEM's to sell 3GB models with their cheaply produced crap RAM dual-channeling.  Also, for those building their own notebook (I did mine from one of Asus's barebook models), it really helps the upgrade path.  You could get a single 1.5GB stick if that gave enough performance to get you by for the time being, and still have a future upgrade path without losing dual-channel or feeling like you're wasting that extra gig-ish.


As a sidenote, Vista's SP1 fixed the reporting issue you alluded to Gordon pointing out.  It will now report the full 4GB in whatever the name of that applet is.  Of course, there's no changing the fact that it can't address beyond 3-ish directly, but at least it's actually reporting it correctly now.


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