OCZ Still Pimping the Fatal1ty Brand, Unveils a New 750W PSU



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Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty Sound Card - Is an amazing product and definitely works with all games.  CREATIVE has been the leader in sound for long time, I don't even know the other companies you mentioned.  As a gamer, you definitely want Sound Blaster.

Creative MK II Headphones - Yea, they're a great value at their price point.  Again he set it up that way to make it good and affordable for the gamers.  He's not trying to screw you obviously.  Look at any other headphone in his category are obviously charging way more than him.  The quality and sound are talked about all the time in comments about how solid the product is.  So bang for buck is great for the gamer with his headphones.

OCZ PSU's - How can you say they're not good?

OCZ Fatal1ty Ram - Yeah, it's not the best, but its a great entry level for the gamer to get some good RAM that works.

ORIGIN PC - He's working with them now that I saw on his site.  Sounds like they make nothing but the best customized PC's. 

Note:  He has different levels of Fatal1ty Gaming Gear

Champion Series:  Only the highest end product.  Best of the best.

Pro Series:  More entry level into gaming but also can be played on at the Professional Level.

Approved Products:  Great product to advise other gamers to trust and buy. 

So ya, sometimes his products not always #1, but he's trying to offer an arrange of price points to the gamers as we typically aren't rich and can't afford crazy $300+ headphones, or the highest baddest ass RAM. 




Products branded Fatal1ty aren't usually the best, actually.  Generally, they are products which would have little appeal and need to be spiced up.  A few examples:

Product - Superior product 

OCZ Fatal1ty PSU's - Corsair, PCP&C, Silverstone, some Antec, and the list goes on...

OCZ Fata1ty RAM - Varies, but not the best by a long shot

Creative Fatal1ty headphones - Anything by Sennheiser, Shure, Etymotic, UE, etc. (although, as you pointed out, they are a good value)

Creative X-FI (Insert adjective) fatal1ty (Insert adjective) sound card - Actually beaten in pure response by a Realtek 889a integrated chip, in clarity by some Xonar's, some Azeuntec's, and most HTOmega's

 And while he doesn't "endorse" BAD products, his name has basically been attached to almost anything which wouldn't ordinarily sell as much to either increase sales, or, in the case of the Creative sound cards, raise the price.

This was supposed to be a response, but somehow ended up as its own separate comment. I (lacking any justification) blame the spam filter.



Sure he's cashing in, but he has a famous name that all the gamers around the world know, so thats worth something.  As for the products that I use, the Creative X-Fi card and MK II Headphones of his, are definitely top end of their spectrum.  Helps me a lot in my games to hear where my enemies are.  So not sure where your going with this as he's not promoting great products.  He promotes some of the best if not the best...  You can't say their is anything better than the X-Fi card, because there isn't.  And the headphones aren't #1, but they also dont' cost $300.  So they're affordable for me but still give me the sound I need to play my games.  Obviously has a great microphone so i can chat to my teammates and they can hear me clearly because he has that silencer technology on it.  So I love the products I have.  This new Fatal1ty 750w psu is solid too.  So I don't see wehre he's ever making or endorsing a bad product. 



Why should his opinion be worth anything just because he can flintch with the best of them. What he is trying to acomplish is he is trying to cash in on his ability to play FPS games. It is true however that those that just take his word for it are truly the know nothings. In fact some of the products that he gets paid to endorse are far from the best in their class as determined by independent test groups.

So, was this your "independent opinion" or are you part of the "team" (not that you woulld admit it)



Johnathan Wendel is working with his partners to get the RIGHT gear to the GAMERS.  He wants the gamers to play with the RIGHT GEAR to make them a better gamer.  It's not like he's making *#%@ products.  Everything from Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi cards to his Fatal1ty headphones to the new 750W PSU from OCZ are all top of the line great products!  If he promoted some %#!% product and slapped his name on it I'd be very pissed, but he doesn't.

Half the time, the gamers have no clue what to buy because they don't care or don't understand all the mumbo jumbo about Model: 100000353BH-Z vs ZX2010-RZ model.  When you buy Fatal1ty Branding product, you know its Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel recommending the best product thats going to work for high end gaming and high end computing.

So before you write %#!#, you should understand what he's trying to accomplish for the gamers/high end users across the the globe.

 Again, great product from Fatal1ty



This Fatal1ty power supply empower you to be a better FPS player...  dude...



Two Floooopie disks


Talcum X

 of the Fatal1ty branding of stuff. It's so over done now that it's burnt.  Throw it out and find something new.  


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A bunch of crapola. WHat is this guy, an advanced hysterisys engineer? He is a gamer, and a good gamer but that does not mean anything as far as his endorcement on hardware. I am sorry to see OCZ soil their credability like that and I am certainly not interested in paying one cent extra to cover his comission or endorcement fee. I stoped using Creative products because of this nonsence and I will now stop using OCZ products. What a bunch of nonsence and talk about no value added.



Working with? working WITH? WORKING? more like slapping his name on it. he probobly just sat at home all day playing videogames.




"Working with Fatal1ty to build the ultimate PSU for a high-performance
gaming environment was a great experience," commented
Ryan Edwards

 Uuuuh huh. Let me guess as to the extent of that conversation:

Edwards "Well Jonathan, we're going to make another power supply with your logo on it."

Wendel "Dude, it like, needs to be more powerful!"

Edwards "We've already taken care of that, don't worry about it."

Wendel "And it like, needs to be more stable and stuff!"

Edwards "You're getting money for doing nothing. All you have to do is say you like it."

Wendel "And it totally needs to look wicked sweet and junk!"

Edwards "Alright, listen up you twit. You contribute nothing more to this project than  brand name recognition. You're a worthless failure at life that somehow found a way to slip past natural selection by cheating the system using your opposible thumbs that you don't even deserve. Your opinions don't matter. Now please shut up."

Wendel "Can we put fins and stickers on it to make it look fast?"

Edwards "...Here are some car keys and a fifth of vodka, go have some fun."

Wendel "AWESOME!!!"

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haha love it

you forgot to order a "TAB" when looking for the "ANY" key



This comment is full of win. 

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