OCZ Slices into 2000MHz Triple Channel Memory Market with New Blade Series



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For some reason I always thought of OCZ as a cheap brand and have never bought any OCZ products because of this. They sell really fast memory for what seems a fraction of what the low to midrange Corsair (Junk RAM) or other brands charge. I was excited for a while when OCZ promised their sub $400 phase change setup that never happened even though their reps were on the Xtremesystem forums every day swearing they were in a truck waiting to be delivered. That was a year ago. Then I was dismayed when they bought PC Power & Cooling and figured PC P&C would go downhill. I haven't heard anything negative so I assume they didn't. I really don't know what to make of these guys. I know some enthusiasts swear by them.

 Maybe I'll try on of their 1200Mhz DDR2 kits when the time comes.



OCZ has been focusing on the enthusiast sector since the company began, and often times offers one of the better bang/buck ratios.  That doesn't equate to 'cheap,' however, as for the most part OCZ's products have been consistently very good.  Add to the mix a handful of reps who stay active in the enthusiast community and stellar customer support, and you may wish to give OCZ a second look.


Keith E. Whisman

just becarefull to not cut yourself while installing these puppies.



Will this new ram run on the 1.5 volt requirement that the i7 chips have?



Core i7 can go up to 1.65v. So these will be just fine.  Now, you have to find a MOBO that will support 2000MHz DDR3.  Last I checked, the fastest I could find was support for 1600MHz.  Maybe some newer better boards are out by now though.



Yep they do make some Mobo's that support the 2000 MHz for DDR3


http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131359 an Asus Mobo supports 2000 (OC)


Also I saw a few others that were alright, but I'm not 100% sure it will work with it might help for a review.



Did you even read the article, for example near the end of the article it says:

The company also claims each Blade 2000 kit is 100 percent hand tested for quality assurance and compatibility with Intel's Core i7 platform.


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