OCZ Shows Off Its Neutrino Netbook at CeBIT



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After hearing about the atom processors on the podcast #98, OCZ may have made a bad move to market a DIY Neutrino Netbook. The cost to build a "sub par-soon to be disposed" performing system would more than likely be the same as building one of their 15" or 17" laptops currently on the market.

I have an idea for OCZ...create a laptop that can hold two hard drives and/or SSDs, Quad Core CPU from intel, 8gb of memory, current market DVD-ROM and current ATI and Nvidia video chipsets for 12"-17" laptops.





I don't understand this netbook trend anymore, tis is the third CeBIT one i've heard about.



CeBIT is a event


but your right, 10, 12 inch netbooks? GPS? Multiple hard drives? What defiens a net book now it sure as hell isnt "mini" or "low power"

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