OCZ Releases 1TB Colossus 3.5" SSD, Makes Your Puny SSD Cry



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Mighty BOB!

Capacity [x], check.

Affordability [ ], mmm, not so check.

I would love to jump on the SSD bandwagon for my OS drive, but the price/capacity ratio is still too high for me.



how many of these they expect to sell? 50? might as well make them limited edition or something....



There are enthusiasts who have decent paying jobs who will pay for this level of performance.  If one makes ones living on the computer it is easy to rationalize such a purchase.  They'll sell more than 50 of them.  In the mean time all it will take is a some competition and some time before they hit a price point I can swallow.



 game changer


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$2500?! You could build a very decent gaming desktop for that much. So much for replacing mechanical hard drives "at a reasonable cost". I'll wait a year to 18 months and get a faster SSD at the same size for 1/3 the cost.



I wouldn't worry about it. With the speed at which advancements are being made in the SSD market, the price of this is going to drop like a rock. I'm holding out until the 160g SSD drives are roughly equivalent to the price of 1TB mechanical drives right now. No reason to jump the gun for my purposes.

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what controller does this thing use? that is one of the most crucial bits of data when looking at SSD's



The Barrier has been broken

Competion will want to match or beat to compete

Comepetion drives lower prices.

This is the dawn of a new revolution

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