OCZ Plans On Offering Low Cost TLC Solid State Drives Just In Time For The HDD Shortage



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Big Geek Daddy

OCZ also said they would release their Octane SSD on November 1st.  Where is it?  I called the compnay and nobody would answer the phone in sales or marketing. I sent two emails and they haven't been answered. If you're going to issue a Press Release and annouce a product availablity date then it would be nice to actually be able to find the product after that date has passed.



Man I have so many HDDs kicking about I wonder what I could get on ebay. Then again I guess PATA aren't in big demand any more. To be honest I find the whole the sky is falling in because of a HDD shortage kind of funny. Other then OEMs how many people have to buy a HDD in the next year? I mean not would like to, but absolutely have to buy one and can't wait a bit till the supply rebounds?



This HDD shortage sucks so much butt. I couple days ago on newegg a WD Caviar 1TB Black was like $180. Now it shot up to $220! Sweet lord! I remember they were on sale months ago for $100! 



Tell me about it... I use Seagate Barracuda 500GB drives quite extenisively for system building, mainly because they're reasonably fast, reliable, and were dirt cheap at $40 a pop. Now they're about $120.... Good thing I don't need one right now (knock on wood).



definitely getting one.  I have an old 64GB SSD that I don't even think supports TRIM, but OCZ seemed to be concentrated on 'super-ultra-fast' drives. What about those of us who want a hard drive that's much faster than a standard HDD but don't want to spend $2/GB or more?  Hopefully that's what they'll introduce.



I don't know much about SSDs, but the idea of SLC is that it stores one bit per charge space, and MLC stores 2. If TLC goes further along the trend, does that mean a similar loss of speed as that seen between SLC and MLC?

They already say that lifespan will drop, so I am assuming that speed is similarly hit.



if it's cheap enough, and you get at least a little warning. i think i can deal with it. it would be faster than a traditional mechanical drive. maybe my laptop will get a little upgrade. 



"current TLC SSDs could have shelf lives as low as four years"


You keep using that word. ... I do not think it means what you think it means.


Brad Chacos

What, shelf life? I know it isn't quite the right fit, since you don't drink or eat SSDs, but I think it gets the point across. (In a past life, I was a QA inspector at a manufacturing facility that manufactured, amongst other things, high-end disposable FDA products, so I definitely know the term.)



A better term would be MTFR (Mean Time to Failure Rate? I forget exactly). That same one they use for HDDs.



MTBF, Mean Time Before (/Between) Failure.



WoooHooo! My current hard drives seem to last about as long as that anyway. Built in obsolescence - just like a Ford or Chevy! Gimmeee two of those bad boys...

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