OCZ Launches PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk II Power Supply



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Is this actually manufactured by PCP&C or is this merely another relabeled Chinese power brick?




Best case scenario, It's a CWT, similar to Corsair's lineup, or a SeaSonic. 

 Worst case scenario, (and more likely) it's an OCZ which wasn't being sold by the OCZ name, so they elected to put PCP&C's name on it to see if it would sell that way.  

 The strange thing is, OCZ only has 2 single 12v rail psu's on newegg, and both are 80+ Gold, so at the very least, it's not a standard OCZ.  My only problem with PCP&C is they're too expensive.  You can get basically the same performance out of a Corsair unit for MUCH less money.  If these aren't competitively priced against the Corsair TX series, I see no real point.

 To illustrate my point:

Corsair TX850W:


PCP&C Turbo Cool 860W


The Corsair 950W unit is STILL less than half the price of the TC (Albeit after rebate).


The PC Power and Cooling MIGHT be better built (Certainly were before OCZ's buyout, now, not so sure), but they almost certainly won't last twice as long. 


Peanut Fox

I'm happy to see the 80mm fan go.  When I switched over to water cooling, my PCP&C 750watt was suddenly the the only audible component in my case.  It was loud enough that  I decided to put something else in the Cosmos in it's place.  The Seasonic X750 I replaced it with barely makes a peep.  Heck, the fan doesn't even spin up unless I'm gaming.  Even then I still can't hear the fan.



With the old school 80mm rear exhaust fan.  I love it - very quiet and hot air seems to stay out of the case.



I agree on the pass through 80+ fan...didn't they spend a ton of time explaining how it is better? The bottom fan creates dead spots of hot air. I have vents on the bottom of my Silverstone bringing in cool air and venting out back of the case but most people will be sucking and recirculating the same air making it hotter.


Sorry no Kick Ass for this thing!



A large part of the scilencer line was built by seasonic and I would expect the same of this lineup.



I would actually prefer the 80mm fan in the back to come back, I am kind of disappointed in this design, I had just convinced the people I work with to switch to PC Power and Cooling 500Watt supplies a couple months before they started disappearing, and they were being used in a system where the top fan just can't work. I just seriously hope that OCZ didn't ruin the brand by using cheap component, as the supply now looks suspiciously like their own offerings with a different sticker.



About time they ditch the 80mm fans that vent out the back!!!



Too bad it's just another mediocre High Power built unit like OCZ's. I wouldn't buy it. PC P&C use to use seasonic and win-tact.

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