OCZ Ditching DRAM Market to Focus on SSDs



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When there's money to made at it again, they'll be back...


Bullwinkle J Moose

Now they can concentrate on making crappy SSDs

I sure hope they can make a SATA 3 SSD that can copy and paste faster that the 3.6MB/sec that a Vertex 2 can do

Do you think they will break 10MB/sec copy and paste speed with their new drives next quarter?

Do you think I'm making this up?

Do you?

I will be SHOCKED if the new Vertex 3 drives can beat a Western Digital Platter Based Desktop drive

 in copy and paste speed

Stay Tuned Kids, but Don't throw out your platter based scratch disks just yet





Yes I do believe you are making this up.




I've seen these claims from Bullwinkle, and I'm not sure what's wrong with his setup, but something must be.

I haven't done intensive testing of my SSD, but it's hands-down MUCH faster then any mechanical drive.

He gives examples of how he can't quickly copy-and-paste on a single drive without getting painfully slow results. (I'm not saying you're not getting thse results Bullwinkle, but they are NOT normal.)

When I did similar tests, I could not replcate his experience.

Copy-and-Paste of ~350MB install file on a 1GB RAID 0 (2x 500GB Seagate Baracudas) = ~15-to-18 seconds

Copy-and-paste of same ~350MB install file on 128GB SSD (Corsair P128) = ~2-to-3 seconds



OCZ has always been my go-to maker for memory, I even bought a StealthXtreme 600 watt power supply for dirt cheap. Always get a chuckle out of my buddies that pay the price premium on Corsair branded sticks when they're all made by Samsung or Micron or whoever it is anyway.

Do us one last favor OCZ before you bow out: make us some Sandy Bridge ready DDR3's specifically designed for P67. I know it's all marketing BS, but I don't want to buy those G.Skill modules and it would make me feel better.



Very interesting developments indeed!  I'll join the ranks of those that hate to see them exit the market as I've used many of their products successfully.  That said, they ALWAYS had WAY TOO MANY permutations of memory modules.  And the reason any company offers too many configurations of anything is to gain market share.  The problem is, it was OVER THE TOP, WAY TOO MANY and far from efficient.  Binning for dollars only works for so long before it bites you in the ass and all your infrastructure built up to support all those configs becomes an obvious boat anchor.  What a management nightmare.  At the end of the day, memory is a ****ing commodity anyways.  And you can only put lipstick on a commodity pig for so long...

They've had a few goofy offerings in the past but most Blade & Platinum series modules I've utilized have been good, solid investments.  Guess it's time to move along...

Looks like a good day for Mushkin by-the-way.




So they're ditching a commodity market with prices steadily lowering in favor of a DIFFERENT commodity market with prices that can only go, and have gone, down.  I has been proven people are willing to pay more for DRAM, people have also mostly shown that they aren't willing to pay the CURRENT prices for SSD's.  I'm sure this makes some sense to OCZ, but still...



Definitley sad to see them go, I have used them exclusively in all of my builds since 2005, they went above and beyond for customer support. Their forum was great, usually had settings recommendations for almost all motherboards for all the RAM they made that was compatible with it. Back in 05 I got a Athlon64 3500+, I tried to get their Platinum 600 MHz rated RAM but the new Athlon64 didn't like that high of a memory clock so they were nice enough to replace it with their Gold VX RAM, stuff basically made for the DFI board I was using. When that board repeatedly killed the VX sticks they were awesome and replaced it with regular coltage 250MHz RAM, slightly higher latency but it worked and the board didn't keep killing it. I currently have 8GB of OCZ in my desktop Core 2 Q6600 system, has been rock solid. Personally their RAM and customer service are second to none, I will definitley look to them for SSDs and my next PSU will probably be another OCZ as well, my current OCZ PSU is great.


I Jedi

Today, gentlemen, is a sad day for all. We have lost a great memory maker, and now my OCZ memory modules can be added to the list of long-dead computer enthusiast hardware with Voodoo. Say it ain't so, Joe.



At laest OCZ isn't going anywhere as a whole. Voodoo didn't just bow out of a market segment, they fell off the face of the planet.



Voodoo PC?

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