OCZ Appoints New Chief to Address Credibility Problem and Save a Sinking Ship



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as someone who actually owns 1000 shares of ocz (purchased long before hte 1.40 range they are trading at now. The CEOs job is the provide a safe secure investment platform for shareholders. Remember, 10s of thousands shares are traded each day, 10s of thousands of SSD are not bought or sold. Its shareholders first then customers. DO you think customers want to see the rebates go away...Im sure they dont, but i am sure its what is about to happen.



""We are here to generate value for shareholders,""

That's the problem right there. No, you're NOT there to make shareholders richer. You're there to make innovative and and powerful computer components for the enthusiast market. The shareholders can damned well take care of themselves, and if you fulfill the REAL goal of the company, they'll get the profits they want to see.



Obviously you've never worked for a publicly traded company. Sorry to intrude with reality, but the reality is that the SOLE goal of a company (EVERY company) is to generate shareholder value (even if there is only ONE shareholder). He IS there to make shareholders richer, and that is the ONLY reason he is there - regardless of how (legally) he does so.

While their [I]current[/I] market share may (possibly) be best served by innovative and powerful components, if they loose money serving that market segment (say by selling expensive to build gear at a low low price - which is apparently what they were doing), their customers are not going to stick around long, because in 6mo they will not exist. Hence the article.

This is why gearheads (who are often founders) don't often make good CEOs, they get caught up in the vision and the ideals, and can't accept the fact that to CONTINUE to make 'innovative and powerful' products, they have to pay the bills.



And obviously, you've had a big gulp of the same Kool-Aid so many other people have guzzled down. Sorry to intrude on YOUR reality.... but you're wrong. Simply put, if you are NOT satisfying SOME sort of customer base, your shareholders are going to be extremely disappointed because you will not remain in the "black" (or positive in revenue). If you are NOT making sales to customers, who are what TRULY GENERATE YOUR REVENUE, your corporate leeches are not going to see a return on their "investment". Shareholders do not generate revenue. CUSTOMERS provide the revenue that is required in order to operate.

If you have a strong customer base, you WILL generate shareholder value. If you don't, you will not generate shareholder value. OCZ failed its customers not by creating expensive-to-build products. They failed their customers by producing expensive-to-build products that performed POORLY.

Edit: I'll sum it up for you. If you create products customers TRULY WANT (i.e. they will spend the money you ask for it), your stock value will improve.



{Shareholders do not generate revenue.}
No, they generate something else entirely. A big part of the equation here that your missing is the shareholders also generate the initial investment money, so it is not just revenue that makes or breaks a company. When you buy stock in a company that x amount you invest per stock is used to operate said company. You can have the best idea in the world since sliced bread and customers lining up, won't be worth a hill of beans without startup, operating and research money that gets the ball rolling on creating those innovative products that customers demand. It's kind of like the chicken and the egg syndrome. Then you generate revenue by selling products hopefully at a PROFIT, then you pay the shareholders through DIVIDENDS and payouts at stock buybacks.

Now, categorizing investors as 'corporate leeches' to me illuminates your not exactly thrilled with the free market system. Why are they leeches exactly? You do know that investing money is a gamble which in many cases you lose, right? Investors take the risk, when the risk pays off shouldn't they be rewarded like playing the correct hand in a casino? It's also good for the economy. You do like more people working, right? Instead of 'leeching' off the tax payers, no? Or would you prefer more people join the Occupy Wall Street nonsense and protest your lack of getting more and more free stuff in the guise of "fairness" and "equality"?



Exactly, piss off enough customers and you can stand back and watch your company spiral down the drain.

PS to maxpc that fucking popup ad is screwing up posted opinions by not letting them post



Which ad is this? We are not seeing it in Firefox or Chrome.



The one for AMD's apu chips,and I am using firefox. does'nt happen all the time

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