OCZ Announces 15" DIY Gaming Notebook Based on Centrino 2



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Ever since Centrino 2 was released, there was nothing I wanted more than a DIY Centrino 2 notebook. After seeing all of the amazing and cheap PCs made using centrino 2 (Gateway FX, Asus G70, Toshiba Qosimo X701,) I had high hopes for OCZ to make a nice DIY with decent specs (1680x1050 rez, 8700gt or better, 4 hour battery life, etc.) for cheap (less than 1k.)

What do they do? They make a peice of crap that has even lower specs than the original DIY.

The battery has been neutered to a 6 cell over the 9 cell in the original.
There's a 1280x800 resolution over 1440x900.
The video card was changed to a 3650 over a 8600gt. Both are about even.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is even more expensive than the first one. I just hope that the old DIY is lowered to ~400 bucks after this is released.


Keith E. Whisman

Is this one actually going to make it to market? So many companies have promised this and then didn't deliver, ASUS to name one.



Yup. Anyone remember the C90?



Is available for purchase. Not sure what you are talking about.

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