OCZ Adds Two New Mice to Gaming Peripheral Lineup



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Eh weights actually work for me. If you are worried about how much of your CPU a mouse will hog, you probably can't play the games that would require a gaming grade mouse.



Well, they gave us the DPI.  That's a start.  What good is a mouse with 14 buttons if it's limited to 800 DPI?


Keith E. Whisman

Please do a mouse roundup and let us know how these mice measure up to my Logitech G5 V2 mouse?

What I want to know guys is, is this a good time to upgrade my mouse from the G5? And if so what gaming mouse should I get that is by far the most awesome and worthy to replace my G5? 



if a round uo is done, plz add mice for the left handed gamers, we are the overlooked a lot


Keith E. Whisman

I'm left handed, what I mean is that I write with my left hand. I can't even draw a straight line with my right hand. But I can't mouse with my left hand I have to use my right hand. I have to sleep on the left side of the bed but my politics is decidedly right wing. My right index finger is my trigger finger when I shoot and I aim with my right eye. But I'm still left handed. What does this make me?



Wierd. :)

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