OCZ Adds Low-Voltage AMD Black Edition RAM to Memory Lineup



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I'm glad I held out from buying some Dominator. I'm looking to upgrade my XMS2 ram. This would go great with my Phenom II 955BE.



Does lower voltage mean more overclocking headroom (since you can bump up the voltage if you want to)?  Or does it mean that the voltage is capped at 1.65V?  This article suggests low voltage is a good thing, but that's something I"ve never really understood.  What's the benefit of low voltage?



It really depends on the specific chips being used. Generally speaking, moduies capable of tighter timings at lower votlages are going to have some overclocking wriggle room when pumping more juice into the sticks. That's one of the benefits of a good binning processor - cherry picked chips.

The other potential benefit of lower-voltage kits is less heat, which can potentially extend the life of the kit. I'd consider this a minor benefit though, particularly with lifetime warrranties in the RAM industry now the norm and not the exception.

-Paul Lilly



Low Voltage = Low power = Energy Efficient

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