OCZ Adds to Its Fatal1ty-Branded Lineup with Three New Power Supplies



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I will buy a new PSU and i'm thinking in this one. My first option would be the Corsair model, but on the place i'm thinking on get it and a new VGA, there's only this model on this price... I'ts a good PSU? Can i get without doubt? its at least equal than the Corsair 550w VX séries? Thanks.
marirea sanilor



il NEVER buy anything with this guys name on it. i hate products that are branded by some random "celeb" wtf does he know about computer hardware design?



Wgat the heck does fatality know about PSU's?????

Yea I'll be first in line to buy one....NOT!



"non-modular 400W, modular 550W, and non-modular 700W unit with a single +12V rail"

 looks like an entry level lineup to me. Most gaming power supplies come with at least 2 +12v rail.



The 700W is the only one with a single +12V rail, which is actually more desirable than splitting the available amps over multiple rails.  You mostly find single +12V rail PSUs in the higher end, PC Power & Cooling (now owned by OCZ) being a good example.


Keith E. Whisman

400watts? Why would someone that needs a 400watt power supply buy a super highend one that has a games tag on it? A gamer would need a 1000-1200watt PSU... Look at the GTX280 you need a 1200watt psu. That 700watt psu is approaching entry level for gaming pc's but if your going to run highend SLI then it's just too little too late...

I'm running an 800watt PSU for my SLI rig and it's almost taxed out. It's a highend PSU so I feel safe but I dare not install 2 GTX280's in SLI in my rig. I would need a new PSU or at least a second one. 



what are you talking about?

GPU's dontuse anywhere close to that kind of power.

look here


a quad core system with two GTX 280's in SLI only used 508W!  700W? entry level? what are you smoking?

as you can see here


two 4870 X2's only used 752W thats about as high end as you can get. and still 250W shy of 1KW


please do research next time



I must say that it looks amazing and I would be willing to put one in a new rig if it only came in higher wattages



Yea his product line does look nice but I'm more curious if his products are like breast implants, sure they look nice but how well do they function? lol

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