OCZ Adds 1000W Model to Fatal1ty Power Supply Line



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so having his(fatal1ty) name on the psu makes it easier to sell , or how does this work?...or are we paying more 'cause of the name on the unit?



Paying a premium for this "celebrity" endorsement, who nobody even knew about before they started slapping his tag on parts, is just dumb and a waste of cash unless you have built a shrine to him in your basement.



You mean you haven't? What's wrong with you? Sinner!



A quick glance at newegg shows the pricing to be the same as OCZ's normal PSU (for the 750w) pricing also looks pretty normal for a modular PSU.



Yes, exactly.

I knew the first comment was going to be someone moaning about Fatal1ty. People did know who he was. I seen his face in PC gamer magazine all the time back in the golden days. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, there was an "ask Fatality" editorial in each issue where he would answer questions. So anyone who read PC gamer magazine (which would be alot) would know who he was. That was way, way before he started endorsing hardware.

*waits for compguytracy's nerd rage*

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