Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Fetches $1.1 Million on Kickstarter, Still 28 Days to Go



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I'd love to play Amnesia with it.

Or... Maybe not...



I'm tempted, but then I remembered I'm not into FPSs anymore so pretty sure outside FPS there will be very few games for this.



i was excited until i saw the resolution. 1280x800 is too low for immersive gaming. And what's this, 640x800 for each eye crap? That must be a mistake right? I mean it has to be 1280x800 for each eye for stereoscopic 3d, which is the whole point of an HMD.

There are products out there now that already do this and are not crazy expensive. I think the sony hmz is around $800. All that's missing there is the head tracking, but clip a TrackIR on it and you're good to go.

Seriously i'd love to get an HMD once they get decent resolutions, until then i'll stick with my 3d vision.



oh i see it's just the dev kit that has a low res; the consumer version should be better they say... Well awesome, if it's priced reasonably i'll be first in line. :)



on a side note..in reference the video on the kickstarter page..please tell me the pop up collar isn't making a come-back!!



The Second Comi...

He was just at 286,000 TWO DAMN DAYS AGO! Good for them!



I would love to see how this turns out once it hits the market. Right now, the only game planning to be certified for it is the Doom 3: BFG Edition.
I'd love to play Doom 3 enhanced AND on a VR headset... that would be a blast.

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