Obama Touts $18 Billion Internet Expansion Plan



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I feel like this is another one of the "We will" but not. Hey I'm up and for it. Rural areas must suck when areas still have dial-up. As one metioned, I rather have money invested into this, than bail out companies whos executives still end up at the end of the day with huge bonuses paid by OUR tax dollars. Now that's BS to me.



China already owns us and is controlling our financial and political destiny.  Why not just ask them to do this for us?



Have to agree with with that!



I have no other choice to live in a rural area for the fact my rent for the room is cheap. I am on 3G through Virgin Mobile Broadband2go internet during the day the 3G is so slow and at nite goes even slower to were it is going 10KB/s down and 1KB/s up. The only other choice is Satellite internet"Wildblue and HugesNet and Dial-up 46.6Kbps. I moved to the area in Oct 09 before then there was DSL but all the slots ran out. Verizon is not reopening the slot when someone cancels there DSL service up here they are keeping it closed and does not or has not down nothing to get more.  I live along railroad tracks which has a Fiber line between 2 cities and I can't get any Landline internet. There is no WiMAX or 4G in the area. On the 3G use alot of times over 22GB/s a month. With I was on Dial-up several months ago my Windows 7 on my tower could not get anough speed to connect to Microsofts servers to Validate so it tried it over 3 times and trashed the CD-Key.

I moved from a place with DSL to a place that had limited DSL and I couldn't use barely any of my stuff that needs good broadband. I can't play my PS3 online anymore and I can't play my PC Games eaither on Steam and I can't even barely keep steam updated to play single player games.When we were on Dial-up the Samsung Bluray player we have needed an update when we first got it it had to be updated to watch Avatar so we had to drive 45Min to a relatives house to use there broadband to update the play and come back.

I would pay for something that was better like DSL or Cable internet but there is non and alot of people in my area that are on dial-up would like to have something better and I heard someone that they have Verion DSL and it would go down almost every day for the whole day. Were I am there is also no competition for ISPs so they want to keep everything the same and nothing better eaither.

Competition with companies alot of time will improve the technology



I love how you people say one thing but do another. You say don't politicize a article but what I've read on comments, it sure does feel like it. The difference, I welcome critcism not like some people. Not naming names. You know who you are. :)


P.S. I thought some of you guys will leave because of the Fox News arcticle. Guess not. Such liars. 



The reason the internet is thriving is because the government got out of the way!  Let the free market have it's way and get government out.

The reason why there is not broadband in some rural areas?  It's not profitable.  If it was, companies would have already.  Having the government step into the internet only means more big wastes of money and control.



You do realize that without some governement involvement, will proably still be stuck in dial up. There are some things goverment has to step because as we can see, "free market" has done nothing but fatten executives pockets. If you actually read the acticle, you would know it's trying to use the money for emergency services and also hope the money they spend will also stimulate the economy. Will it work, who knows. It's better than giving it to Wall Street or to banks. Oh and how's tax break for rich helping you. Are they hiring you with the extra wads of cash they're getting back. Not. 



I hope part of that expansion plan includes UCF.  Wireless internet here is so slow that loading the maximumpc webpage takes like a whole minute, submitting assignments online is very painful and usually not even possible.  logging on to my maxpc account required me to move to a less crowded area on UCF.  Help us!!!



The last time i checked the fcc didn't touch the wireless spectrum in terms of neutrality (coincendentally the only thing they stayed away from).... Hmmmmm, could this mean that Obama is showing his true colors for support of  censorship,  MPAA, DMCA, etc.... Hmmm, well folks get ready for a ro-sham-bo of the executive kind...



Doesn't mean any thing but spending more money the US doesn't have and if that "cybersecurity" bill passes.  Just shut the internet off like a certain dictator did in Eygpt.

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