Obama Campaigns in Taiwan, as a PC



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Despite having a unsatisfactory performance, former Pres. Bush's name was used all over the Porn industry with great revenue and without his consent. I think he should do tons of cash-ins and hunt his own patent troll to brighten his life on a boring post presidency. Hmm, this is just a conspiracy theory of mine: maybe he always had, feeding America's addiction (porn) to fund and get more of America's "other" addiction (oil) lol.


he's pwning with a trackpad? oh really? oh reheheheeally?



Does it come with a side of Obama Chicken Fingers??




So it's a $242 computer sellng for $7,999 (after exchange)... That sounds like what's going to happen after the hyper inflation inherently results from this Rosevelt like, errr, Hitler like, errr Mousilini like, err Stalin like, err Lenin like (see all of the above...) plan to "spend our way to prosperity program".


At least like its namesake, one can readily tell that it's incapable of processing even the most simple thoughts, has no practical application outside of sitting in an office and taking up space, and of course it will almost certainly excell in taking power away from its user while it hordes resources for itself.



??? Taiwanese dollars do not equal USD.

Currency exchange rate does not determine how well your economy is doing...



Perhaps your limited reading comprehension out-ran your eagerness to post... I never said, suggested, nor implied that Tiwanese dollars equal USD, I in fact said quite clearly AFTER EXCHANGE. Perhaps in your ignorance you're confused and you think the U.S. has some sort of lock on the $ symbol?

I said "So it's a $242 computer sellng for $7,999 (after exchange)..."

$242 is in USD and the USD is only left off as reference to the article and I explicitly noted that it was $7,999 AFTER EXCHANGE, which leaves little to the imagination what happened to the $242. Perhaps one of the two key words confused you, complicated as they are.

 Then, I said "That sounds like what's going to happen after the hyper inflation[...]"

 As in, when the economy inherently and irrifutably WILL inflate due to the insane over circulation of currency for no other reason than to spend spend spend, then my analogy is not only apt but has been demonstrated true numerous times in the past when leaders all over the world got the brilliant idea to inflate currency.

 If you can't grasp the concept nor the subject, then educate yourself on the history of the references, and the economic subject matter, don't however pretend to correct what isn't wrong.




Hey at least you wont need a stimulus package to buy one, or a bailout!






No word on whether the teleprompter software is included.

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