NZXT's Tempest EVO Chassis Holds 8 HDDs, Supports E-ATX



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The white fans look ugly though. but what would be cool is if they had a black tempest with red lights to compete with the haf 932.



If you use neon lights inside your case the white fans might actually be pretty nice. Against the all black interior of the case the fans motion would really stand out, and under the neon lights they would not apear white, but instead they would be whatever color your lighting scheme is. But even without lighting I would take white over that hideous brown that noctua uses any day.



E-ATX was supported in the first tempest, the crafted series.

You didn't say anything about whether they kept the watercooling mounts or top 140mm fans.

The first tempest costs less and has still has 8 tool less hard drive enclosures.

Nothing new except new fans, new paint and new holes.



I own a thermaltake soprano, but I’d denitely try thie for my next build

Sadly, it would cost 2 to 3 times more to have it here in Mexico



If it's thermal performance is on par with the CoolerMaster HAF 922, I'm game. I like the look of this a little better.

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