NZXT's Newest mATX Case Fits Two Graphics Cards



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...I work with Slimline and mATX cases all the time at work and this is one of the first ones I have ever seen that I actually like. The pics on the NZXT website are even nicer too!



I love it expect for that handle looking thing on top. ruins it to me.


Can someone plese suggest a case or small (matx) size.but ISNT jsut a empty plain box with no features or zones.




sweet now the case's airflow will actually hit the components. Tends to be that air waves from fans in bigger cases just keep the case cool instead of cooling the components. This will be a must buy for a good price.



That computer has no powersupply, hard drives, RAM, or optical drives in it. I wonder what it looks like when it's complete...



I'll be a little less skeptical once I see a power supply fit in with those things...



Listen I don't think there will be a problem putting in a power supply. There's alot of room at the bottom of the case.

Now, you may have to go modular so that you can avoid wasting space with unused wires. 

It wouldn't be easy to put this together, but it's still pretty awesome that you can have a dual GPU PC on a Micro setup.



I have the same concern.  I don't see how the power cables are going to be able to fit on those.  Unless they have some 90 degree ones like they do with the SATA cables. 


 I see how it will work now.  I looked at the pictures the case is bumped out.  

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